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Should you see a swarm, contact our Swarm co-ordinator
Sally - 07791671327

C&DBKA members who ticked the box” swarm required” on the membership
form, we need more details.

1) Name & phone No. (mobile if possible).
2) No of swarms wanted. Only one will be offered, then your name will go to
the bottom of the list if more are required.

3) If you want to collect the swarm yourself, you must have previous

4) A fully quarantined swarm, that has been though two brood cycles, fed,
varroa treated and checked for diseases by an experienced bee keeper, These
will come at a cost of £80 which will include, marked queen, frames and
foundation depending on the size of the swarm when collected.

5) As collected. These will come at a cost of £2.50 per frame and foundation,
These will only be offered to experienced bee keepers,

6) There may be some over wintered colony’s, these will only be offered to
new bee keepers. At a cost of £90.

Please note fully paid-up members only.
Please text your requirement where ever possible; only ring if don’t have a
Please contact.
Sally 07791671327
Neville 07505131657
Where to find us at our club nights.
We meet every 2nd Monday in the month, at Whittington Moor Methodist Church at 7.30pm with the exceptions of Bank Holidays.
Whittington Moor Methodist Church Hall S41 8NA
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